Find your tree dedications

To search our tree dedication register simply enter the surname of the person who dedicated a tree, or the person who had a tree dedicated to them, in the box above and click the search button (you can narrow down the search by entering the first name and surname, separated by a space).  

We keep a record of every individual tree dedication. If your tree was dedicated in the Valley of Desolation (1998-2000) or St. Joseph's Wood (1997-1998) you may find that details of your dedication are not available on our online register. These details are held on our paper register. Please call us on 015242 51002 or email if you have a query or would like some more information.

Our aim is to create natural woodlands, so we don’t mark or identify individual trees in any way. This doesn’t mean you can’t choose your own tree in any of our supporter woodlands, we just ask that you respect this by not marking the trees.

Supporter woodlands

In 1999 Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust planted its first ever Supporter Woodland, St. Joseph's Wood in Aysgarth, with donations we received from the very first people to support our tree dedication scheme.  

With your help we have now planted 22 Supporter Woodlands in the Yorkshire Dales in addition to the hundreds of other new broadleaf woodlands created throughout the Dales and Nidderdale. You can find more information, maps and pictures of each Supporter Woodland here Supporter Woodlands

Dedicate a tree now in our current supporter woodlands 

Ormsgill wood, Malhamdale