Give a gift that feels good. Dedicate a tree in the Yorkshire Dales.  

There's a simple gift that will help nature right here in the Yorkshire Dales.

Dedicate a tree from £10 and help us to increase woodland cover, connect wildlife habitats and empower people to stand up for nature. Each tree dedication comes in a special gift pack with a personalised certificate and an invitation for you and the recipient of your tree gift to visit the woodland that you’ve helped make possible.  




Hazel leaf  Together for Trees 

Trees are one of our best hopes in the fight to tackle the climate crisis. Yet woodland cover in the Yorkshire Dales is less than 5% - the lowest of all our national parks. Diseases, poor management, over grazing and our increasing disconnection with nature all place a significant threat upon the valuable woodlands we have left. We need to expand and connect woodland habitats, making them and the wildlife that relies on them more resilient. 

Oak leaf  How can planting trees help? 

Planting small woodlands, hedgerows and wildlife corridors will help connect the patchwork of habitats in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas. These new native woodland habitats will not only absorb carbon, they will also provide other vital nature based solutions: increasing biodiversity, providing natural flood defences, and reducing soil erosion. And by bringing people together to plant the trees we will help develop skills, improve well-being, and inspire people to care for them in future. 

Rowan leaf  How can I help?

Dedicate a tree from £10 or make a Donation. A donation of £40 could help young people to increase habitat and green spaces in local schools and community spaces.