Inside your tree pack

For Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas or just because you feel like it - a new broadleaf tree in the Yorkshire Dales is the perfect way to celebrate.

About your tree gift

Each tree dedication comes in a special gift pack with a personalised certificate and an invitation for you and the recipient of your tree gift to visit the woodland which you’ve helped make possible at one of our open days.

If you choose to receive your tree dedication by post we will send you, or the recipient of your gift, a special gift pack like this, which includes: 

  • A personalised certificate 
  • A Yorkshire Dales woodland card with your personal message printed inside
  • Information about our woodlands and the types of trees you can find there 

Instant tree gifts   

If you prefer, you can choose to download your personalised certificate immediately and we’ll be in touch to let you know about our woodland open days.

Dedicate a Tree online now or call us on 015242 51002

More Trees Please!

If you’re thinking about dedicating more than 10 trees, or you're teaming up with others to make a shared dedication, please let us know, we can help make your dedication as personal as possible. Call 015242 51002 or email

Dedicate a Tree Pack