Dales Climate Champions

What is Dales Climate Champions?

The Climate Champions project gives ordinary people the chance to grow their knowledge and confidence of climate science and empowers them to tackle climate change in their own communities.

Here in the Dales we recruited climate champions from Richmondshire and Craven and gave them training and support to engage with their communities about the climate crisis. Community climate champions help to deliver low carbon messages, understand behavioural change and give strength to the climate change message, starting from a basic level of knowledge.

  • Climate change and carbon footprints;
  • Social equity and strategy for communicating climate change action;
  • Actions at individual or business level as appropriate.

The project has been funded by the National Lottery Together for Our Planet fund which is a new £2.5m fund to help people to respond to the climate crisis in their local communities across the UK.

Speak carbon 

We teamed up with Speak Carbon to help our community champions learn about climate science and solutions with free Climate Literacy training covering three core themes...

The basics about why the world is heating up.

The effects of this warming, now and in the future.

Gaining skills, knowledge and confidence not only to take action on reducing your own emissions, but also to talk to others meaningfully and persuasively about the climate crisis.

Volunteers were given support to take this forward in their own communities or groups, and become part of a valuable support network.

Find out more 

For further information email anthea.hanson@ydmt.org


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