Ditch the car walk to school

The Green Miles walk to school toolkit

There is one easy thing young people can choose to do to help reduce pollution, prevent climate change and improve the environment they live in.

Walk to school!   

The Green Miles toolkit for schools is designed to educate young people about the positive impact walking can have on the environment and inspire them to take their first step towards reducing carbon emissions by walking to school.

Pollution is one of the biggest threats to the environment. It damages landscapes, contaminates water systems and endangers animals. Not to mention the harm it does to all of us by reducing the quality of air we breathe.

One of the leading causes of this pollution is exhaust fumes from cars and other motor vehicles. In fact, one fifth of CO2 emissions come from car journeys. This is particularly an issue in North Yorkshire due to the bad traffic, especially before and after school time.


Green Miles

Helping young people to lead the way 

Young people are concerned about the damaging effects pollution and climate change has on wildlife and the planet. Green Miles aims to support young people in secondary schools to make a difference by encouraging them to choose to walk to and from school. 

The Green Miles toolkit will equip you with everything you need to educate your pupils on the negative impacts that driving to school has on the environment around us, and motivate them to choose a more active method of transport.

Green Miles is a North Yorkshire County Council campaign, in partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) and the Local Nature Partnership (LNP). 

Green Miles digital toolkit for schools 

Your school can take the first step towards reducing carbon emissions by encouraging pupils to walk to school with the help of the Green Miles Digital Toolkit. The toolkit comes with a pack of branded materials to help you raise awareness of the 'Green Miles' campaign across your school community, along with guides on how to use materials:

  • 'Green Miles Tracker' activity
  • Social media messages and supporting graphics
  • Email footers
  • Website banners
  • Wayfinding

You can also find out more about the scheme by contacting our Project Officer Josh Wood Josh.wood@northyorks.gov.uk  


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