Give a Living Bouquet wildflower gift for £25 and help create an area of precious wildflower meadow in the Yorkshire Dales, full of beautiful and rare wildflowers like Wood Crane’s-bill and Lady’s Mantle and home to bumblebees, birds and butterflies.

Your Living Bouquet gift pack will include:

  • A personalised certificate 
  • A beautiful wildflower gift card, with your own personal message printed inside 
  • A pack of British wildflower meadow seeds*, and tips on creating your own wildflower meadow garden 
  • A guide to some of the best wildflower meadows to visit in the Yorkshire Dales and Forest of Bowland 
  • Lots of information and events, so you can experience wildflower meadows for yourself.

Did you know that wildflower meadows are one of the most rare and threatened habitats in Britain? Your Living Bouquet gift will help to restore and protect these iconic habitats and the hundreds of species of wildlife they are home to. Find out how.

Order a Living Bouquet wildflower gift now or give us a call on 015242 51002

*Seeds will not be included in Living Bouquets posted abroad.